Patek Philippe

History of the Company

On May 1st, 1839 two Polish immigrants, Antoine Norbert de Patek (Salesman) and François Czapek (Watchmaker) joined forces to found « Patek, Czapek & Cie ». In 1844 Mr. Patek met the French watchmaker, Mr. Adrien Philippe in Paris where the latter presented his pioneering stem winding and setting system by the crown. In 1845 when Czapek decided to leave the company and to continue his activity on his own, the company name changed for « Patek & Cie ». Later on, in 1851 when Mr. Philippe became officially associated the company was rebaptised « Patek Philippe & Cie », before changing once more in 1901 for « Ancienne Manufacture d’Horlogerie Patek Philippe & Cie, S.A. ». In 1932, the company was purchased by Charles and Jean Stern, two brothers and since then, « Patek Philippe S.A. » remains a family owned firm, with 3rd and 4th generation at its head : Mr. Philippe Stern, President and Mr. Thierry Stern, his son, Vice-President.

The Calatrava Cross : A legend behind the name

The name Calatrava has deep historical roots that plunge back to the middle-ages when in 1158 a Spanish religious order defended the Calatrava citadel against the moors. At the end of the nineteenth century, Patek Philippe adopted the emblem of the brave Spanish knights as its brand symbol, which signs Patek Philippe watches today.

Patek Philippe - Calatrava

Patek Philippe's signature model

Created in 1932 as the result of an avant-garde philosophy of aesthetics that showcases sleek lines and subtle elegance, the collection expresses artistic ingenuity at its very finest. The endearing quality of the design reflects the relentless pursuit of perfection that has always been at the core of Patek Philippe's mission.

These inimitably elegant ladies' and men's watches are impervious to short-lived trends, recapturing the hearts of each new generation. Whether extra thin, with hobnail patterns or wide polished bezels, they are all unmistakable members of the Calatrava family and even their changing faces cannot belie their origins. No other watch lends better expression to the true Patek Philippe style.

Patek Philippe - Calatrava Mens Showcase

Patek Philippe - Calatrava Ladies Showcase

Patek Philippe Calatrava 18kt Yellow Gold Mens Watch 3520D

Technical Specifications:


Manual winding
Water resistant: 30 m
Strap widths Case x Buckle: 18 x 14 mm
Diameter: 32.20 mm


Caliber 177
Ultra thin movement
Total diameter: 20.8 mm
Thickness: 1.77 mm
Jewels: 18
Number of parts: 112
Power reserve: 43h max
Balance-wheel: Gyromax
Vibrations per hour: 21'600
Geneva Seal Hallmark

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Price: $15,680.00
You Save: $3,520.00 (18%)

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Patek Philippe - Ellipse


Marrying ancient and modern

With its divine proportions, the case of the Golden Ellipse launched in 1968 has no doubt inspired one of the most beautiful chapters of horological history. Thanks to its unique blend of bold simplicity and formal purity, this watch has become one of the flagships of the Patek Philippe collection and most certainly one of its most instantly recognizable creations.

The elliptical design is based on the golden section, a ratio discovered more than two thousand years ago. It has intrigued philosophers and artists alike and is spontaneously perceived as visually agreeable and perfectly balanced.

Click on picture for larger image:

Patek Philippe Men's Golden Ellipse


Technical specifications


Water resistant: 30 m
Strap widths Case x Buckle: 19 x 14 mm
Case dimensions: 31.1 x 35.6 mm


Caliber 240
Ultra thin movement
Total diameter: 27.5 mm
Thickness: 2.53 mm
Jewels: 27
Power reserve: 48h max
Number of parts: 161
Balance-wheel: Gyromax
Vibrations per hour: 21'600
Geneva Seal Hallmark

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Also in rose gold (Ref: 3738-100R) at $15,456.00 and white gold (Ref: 3738-100G) at $15,456.00.

Patek Philippe - Gondolo

The spirit of Art Deco

The Gondolo collection launched in 1993 is Patek Philippe’s contemporary interpretation of the Art Deco style. It demonstrates Patek Philippe’s commitment to form watches which figure proudly in the company’s legacy.The name of the collection was derived from the “Chronometro Gondolo” watches that were manufactured by Patek Philippe for the renowned Brazilian retailer « Gondolo & Labouriau » between 1902 and 1930.

Patek Philippe - Gondolo Mens Showcase

Patek Philippe - Gondolo Ladies

Patek Philippe - Aquanaut

The perfect dress sports watch

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut, launched in 1997, is a model of casual elegance that combines technical perfection with uncompromising performance and imaginative creativity in design.

Its fascinating appeal originates from a surprisingly modern gestalt with a gently rounded octagonal shape. The surface structure of the superbly finished landmark dial reflects the attractive texture of the strap. The complex construction of the case is underscored by the screw-down crown for extra protection on the wrist of active people. The “Tropical” strap, made of a high-tech composite, is soft, comfortable, resistant and hypoallergenic.

Patek Philippe - Aquanaut Showcase

Patek Philippe - Nautilus

Strong design and reliability

The Nautilus collection was introduced in 1976. Patek Philippe was looking for a strong design and inimitable personality. An inspiration for its design soon emerged: The universal shape of a porthole found on virtually all maritime vessels. The original model was the Ref. 3700/1 in steel. Since then, the Nautilus has established itself as a classic elegant sports watch and the original reference is one of the most sought-after timepieces at auction.

The new Nautilus collection showcases the flattering redesign of Patek Philippe’s casually elegant classic. It has gained style through subtle and carefully calculated changes while preserving its original spirit.

Patek Philippe - Complicated


A supreme test of ingenuity. A 'complication' in watchmaking is anything a mechanical watch might do beyond telling the time and simple date. Patek Philippe upholds a tradition in complications that are useful in everyday situations, such as Annual Calendars , dual time zones and World Time displays. At Patek Philippe, we enjoy unrivalled expertise in our knowledge and practice of this pinnacle of the watchmaker's art.

Patek Philippe - Complicated Mens

Patek Philippe - Complicated Ladies Showcase

Patek Philippe Complicated Chronograph 18kt Rose Gold Mens Watch 5070R

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Technical Specifications


Chronograph with a 30-minute elapsed time counter
Manual winding
Seconds subdial at 9 o'clock
Water resistant: 30 m
Sapphire crystal case back
Fold-over clasp
Strap widths Case x Buckle: 21 x 16 mm
Diameter: 42 mm


Caliber CH 27-70
Total diameter: 27.5 mm
Thickness: 5.57 mm
Jewels: 24
Balance-wheel: Gyromax
Number of parts: 208
Geneva Seal Hallmark
Power reserve: 60h max
Vibrations per hour: 18'000
Base movement “Nouvelle Lémania” exclusive execution to Patek Philippe
© 2007 Patek Philippe. All rights reserved.

The Patek Philippe 5110 Worldtime

Patek Philippe is once again producing a World Time wristwatch. I was very pleased to learn that the craftsmen at Patek did not find it sufficient to simply reproduce their previous complication. Instead, Patek has pushed the technology further, with exclusive innovations, creating an even more alluring piece. This is a truly new watch, designed not for collectors to stash away in their safe, but actually for world travelers, with considerations of form and function.

The Patek Philippe World Time, Ref. 5110, tells the time in 24 cities, and can be instantly adjusted to reflect a new local time without affecting the minutes.

In the watch pictured, the home city is Paris, where it it 10:09 am. The hands show 10:09 as with a normal watch. On the black and silver middle 24 hour ring, 10 is at 12 o'clock, on a silver background, indicating daylight hours. The sun is at 12pm in the silver part of the 24 hour ring, with the moon at 12 midnight.

It is 9 minutes past midnight in Anchorage Alaska, and 9 past noon in Moscow. See how easy it is!

The middle ring rotates counter clockwise as the minute hand moves clockwise. All of the cities adjacent to the black part of the middle ring are experiencing darkness (ignoring daylight savings and the variability of sunrise and sunset).

Click on picture for larger image:

This middle ring is the key element of the worldtime design invented by watchmaker superstar Louis Cottier (1894-1966) in the 1930s.
This simplicity of this operation is reflected in the complexity of the movement, the new automatic Calibre 240/188.

In the 5110, a single push button allows the wearer to select a home city, which changes three things on the face: The hour hand jumps forward to reflect the new time, the outer ring displaying the cities jumps counter clockwise to put the new city at 12, along with the 24 hour middle ring.

Calibre function details from Patek Philippe:
Three wheels (G, H & I) control the 24-hour disc, city disc and hour hands and are permanently fixed to each other. They are linked to the minute wheel via a clutch mechanism which, while engaged, provides drive for the three indications equally. The clutch, which originally saw the light of day in Patek Philippe's 1959 patent for the Travel Time, allows the mechanism to be momentarily disengaged for the fraction of time required for the double function corrector (D) to come into play. The secret to the world Time’s precision lies in the process controlling the correction of the different indications. The centre wheel (G) is fitted with dents de loup (wolf's teeth) which allows for changes to be made in 'all or nothing' stages. As wheel G is corrected so are the 24 disc (via wheel H) and the hour hand (via wheel I). The impulse from wheel (I) follows through to the time zone wheel and the local hour wheel (J). As the clutch re-engages the hour wheel falls into alignment with the minute hand. Key: A. The 24 hour disc, driven from wheel (H) and shows the local time at each city on disc (B). B. The city disc, remains static during normal running. C. The Hour hand, controlled by wheel (K) during normal running. D. The pusher activates the correcting lever at (F). E. The dial; naturally kept as simple as possible. F. Double function corrector; provides the impulse to move the city disc one step anti-clockwise and advances wheel (G). G. The 'wolf's teeth' wheel is so fitted as to allow 'all-or-nothing' impulse from (F). It is permanently linked to wheels (H) and (I). H. Controls the 24 hour disc (A). I. Transfers the impetus from (F) to correct the hour hand via the time zone wheel (K). J. The hour wheel; linked to both the minute wheel and wheel (K), it incorporates the clutch mechanism that disengages momentarily, allowing the minute wheel to continue without interruption when wheel (K) is advanced. K. The time zone wheel; normally controlled by (J), it in turn controls the hour hand. It can be corrected by wheel (I).

Copyright 2000, Cormac Kinney and

Patek Philippe Complicated Travel 18kt Yellow Gold Mens Watch 5110G

The new feminine face of the Annual Calendar

Because of the growing interest by women for mechanical watches, Patek Philippe is today presenting new and purely feminine variations of its Annual Calendar. Maintaining its original 37 mm case size, the ladies’ version features a greatly refined dial. But, “in the same manner as a couturier would reinterpret a tuxedo for a woman,” the lines have remained nearly identical. The mother-of-pearl dial and diamonds give a very chic touch to a watch that still remains very much a Patek at heart.
The feminine version of the Annual Calendar is quite attractive with its yellow or white gold case, its bezel set with 156 round diamonds offset on two unequal rows, its natural white or Tahitian black mother-of-pearl dial with the applied Roman numerals and golden ‘leaf’ hands, and its alligator bracelet available in mat champagne or brilliant grey colours. The lunar phases are displayed at 6 o’clock, above the date. The caseback is also made of sapphire crystal.

Patek Philippe Twenty~4

A watch for all occasions
Patek Philippe's lady’s Twenty~4® wristwatch launched in 1999 is a modern interpretation of the Gondolo timepiece. It was created for the refined, active woman of today who seeks a watch that reflects her style and may be worn on all occasions. Each model reflects perfection in craftsmanship, and the curved silhouette of the case is a loving caress for the feminine wrist.

Whether in cool steel, warm rose gold, or noble white gold, each model radiates the incomparably fiery splendor of Top Wesselton diamonds that adorn the bezel, the case, and/or the bracelet. The crown of each Twenty~4® is studded with an onyx or a diamond solitaire. The gold collection includes precious small-size models and breathtaking pieces of high jewellery. A line of Twenty~4® rings and earrings echo the watch's collection, forming a sophisticated ensemble that will compliment every taste.

Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Showcase